5 Best Recommendations For Invitation Dresses From Local Brands

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Attending a wedding is a very awaited moment. And many people are busy choosing clothes to wear to a wedding. So don’t let you get the wrong costume. If you are confused about looking for clothes to go to an invitation, then we will recommend some clothes for going to a wedding which are from the following local brands.
Best Recommendations For Invitation Dresses From Local Brands

What are the recommended clothes for going to a wedding from a local brand ?

1. Rosalie Set Dress

Rosalie Set Dress
The dress recommendation for the first wedding is the satin Rosalie set dress. You can make this dress with silk the best choice when you want to go to a wedding. With a shiny and soft material, of course you will feel comfortable wearing it. The shape of this dress is also very stylish with bulging sleeves at the bottom, and a span skirt makes your appearance look attractive.
This party dress set is available from sizes S to XXL. There are several color choices, namely lilac, brown, blue, black, pink, pistachio, and rose gold. With cool materials and button details on the sleeves, it will add a more beautiful impression. Very suitable to be worn to weddings.

2. Kamila Top and Pleated Skirt

Kamila Top and Pleated Skirt
If you want to look simpler but still want to look charming when going to a wedding, then you can choose a kamila top, this is a top with a peplum model, which has beautiful floral details and also has a zipper on the front.
For subordinates, you can choose a pleated skirt with a straight cut that has a matching color. You can buy these tops and bottoms at the Askalabel brand. There are three color choices, namely redbud, mauve, and navy.

3. Tulle Dress

Tulle Dress
This A-line model of clothing that has an additional tulle accent from the Zaurach brand can make you look more elegant when you go to an invitation. What makes this dress unique is the tulle wrap accent that you can adjust with various creations. Which can be tied back, can be made of ribbon, or can also be left / untied. This elegant dress has three color choices, namely white, lilac, and nude.

4. Asymmetrical Dress

Asymmetrical Dress
The next party dress that you can choose is from the Hijabchic brand. This brand has asymmetrical dresses. The color of this dress is beige with a very unique dress shape, in some parts it is wavy, and in other parts there are additional pleats details.
This dress is made with organza material which makes it look more luxurious. Of course it is very suitable if worn to a wedding. For those of you who wear the hijab, you can choose a hijab with a choice of matching colors or you can also choose a hijab color that is more striking to make it more stunning.

5. Brocade Maxi Dress

Brocade Maxi Dress
The last reception dress recommendation is from the Edmore brand. You can choose a maxi dress with brocade material and a choice of muted colors. That way you will look more graceful. This Lavie Deluxe Pattern Dress has a choice of lilac, deep lilac, broken white, charcoal, and sage colors.
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