6 Recommended Clothes For Brown Skin

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Having a brown skin color does not mean you will have trouble finding clothes that are suitable to wear. Having a brown skin color is also a distinct advantage, if you know the right way to choose the color of your clothes. Certain clothing colors can make tan skin look more flushed. Here you can see some recommendations for clothing colors for tan skin.

6 Recommended Clothes For Brown Skin

What Are The Recommended Clothes Colors For Brown Skin Tones?

Heart Red

The first dress color recommendation is red heart. You can rely on this color to give a more attractive impression for your appearance who has a brown skin color.

The red color of the heart that looks dark can make your appearance look elegant. You can choose a red heart dress to get a more elegant impression.


The next recommended color for brown skin is coral. This color is very rosy and is very suitable if used by people with brown skin tones. The color of coral is a reddish orange color or a combination of orange and pink. So there’s nothing wrong with trying to wear clothes with coral colors. Be it casual clothes or dresses. The coral color will match your tan skin tone.

Mustard Yellow

In addition, you can also choose bright yellow clothes. You can make this color an option for brown skin. With a dark yellow color will match your skin tone. You can use a dress with mustard yellow to make it look more charming. In addition, also wear a bag of the same color to make it look more matching.

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Dark Gray

Another recommended color for brown skin is that you can choose a dark gray color. Dark gray does look dirty, but if you choose patterned clothes, it will not look dirty. For those who have a tan skin tone, it is very suitable to use a retro paisley motif. You can use a dress or blouse with chiffon material to make it look elegant and feminine.

Olive Green

Olive green can give highlights to brown skin tones, so you will look brighter and glowing. You can wear a simple dress with this olive green color choice. By adding additional accessories will make you look more elegant.


The last recommended color for tan skin is orange. It feels like it’s incomplete if you don’t add this one color to the list of clothes colors for those of you who have brown skin color. For those of you who don’t really like the bright orange color, then you can choose a dark orange color. You can choose soft and glossy satin fabric to make it look more classy and elegant.

Those are some recommendations for clothes colors for people who have brown skin color. So having tan skin is not as difficult as one might imagine in choosing the right clothes.

With the recommendations that we have described above, of course you will feel more confident when wearing clothes that match your skin color. Hopefully the article in this discussion is useful and can help you determine the color that suits your brown skin type. Happy reading.

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