Car Insurance Companies – How to Find the Best One

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Saving money on car insurance is a good thing, but it’s not the only thing. Some car insurance companies keep their prices low by offering substandard service or policies. Such organizations are untrustworthy, and will not come through in case of an accident, leaving the policy holder with a larger price to pay than was anticipated. A car insurance company needs to be reputable, first and foremost.

A good indicator of which car insurance companies are reputable is its financial stability. Looking for a policy from a company on the verge of bankruptcy is a risky venture at best. Bankruptcy means that any agreements and obligations of the company will become null and void, which includes all insurance policies. Policy holders will not get their money back, and they will have no coverage and have to find another insurer. Do some research, in the financial and business news, do some Internet searches, and get some first-hand information about any car insurances companies before signing any agreement with them.

Customer service is another important factor to consider when comparing car insurance companies. How a company handles its clients and their claims is really the heart of how an insurance company works. Online researchers should perform a little offline experiment for the company of their choice. Try calling the customer service of that particular company and see how long it takes to speak to an actual person. If the wait on hold is much too long, or if the line is disconnected, or the customer service representative does not especially seem knowledgeable, it might be best to seek another insurance company.

In today’s economy, every company should be trying very hard to obtain and keep customers, and this is the duty of customer service agents. Representatives who seem to feel that it is a waste of time to talk to a customer, or who are incidentally or overtly rude to someone looking for car insurance is a big red flag. Just imagine how they would behave toward someone looking to file a claim after an accident. Avoid car insurance companies with poor customer service at all costs.

Advice from those who have had first-hand experience is often the best way to gauge the quality of different car insurance companies. Talk to friends and family and find out what they use and how much they like it. Ask questions about how long it takes to settle a claim, or how hard it was to get the company to send out an insurance adjustor, or how cooperative the insurance representative was when the claim was filed. An Internet search will also reveal a myriad of reviews for car insurance companies, which is another good source of first-hand knowledge.

There are a great many reputable car insurance companies out there; it shouldn’t be a great difficulty to find several that are suitable. Just do the research, shop around, and find the best rate and personal coverage. Avoiding a disreputable insurance company will save far more money than finding a car insurance company with cheap coverage.

Car Insurance Companies

Nationwide Car Insurance Company Review

Nationwide Car Insurance Company is just one of the many branches of Nationwide Corporations insurance and financial services network. Nationwide Car Insurance Company strives to offer its customers competitive rates and innovative products. Nationwide is the 6th largest automobile insurer based on the total number of premiums written.

Types Of Coverage Offered

Similar to most major car insurance companies, Nationwide offers their customers a large variety of property and personal coverage options to select from when purchasing car insurance.

In the realm of bodily injury protection, Nationwide Car Insurance Company offers general liability coverage which will cover bodily injury to other parties when you are involved in an accident in which you are at fault. Medical expenses coverage will cover your medical expenses in the event of an accident no matter who is at fault, and loss of income coverage assists in paying your wages in the event you are force to miss work as a result of your injuries.

When it comes to property damage Nationwide’s comprehensive and collision coverage will take care of damage to your vehicle whether it is involved in an accident with another vehicle or suffers damage from events other than collision (damage caused by rocks, tree limbs, etc).

In addition to property and bodily injury coverage, Nationwide also offers rental reimbursement which will help you pay for a rental car or an alternate mode of transportation while your car is being repaired; and towing and labor which reimburses you for those unexpected roadside assistance needs such as battery jumps, tire changes and locksmiths.

Nationwide Premium Discounts

Nationwide offers a wide array of discounts to provide you savings in an assortment of situations. For instance when you select Nationwide to meet your residence and automobile insurance needs you will receive a discount on both your homeowners and automobile insurance premiums. If you cover all vehicles in your household you can save up to 20% on your premiums.

Another way to receive a discount on your car insurance premiums is to maintain an accident free driving record. If you have not had an accident in the past five years then you will qualify for this discount. Teenagers with a “B” average or above, can receive additional insurance premium discounts on their vehicles.

Long term policyholders (five years or more) are rewarded by receiving up to 15% off of their automobile insurance premiums. If you have been with Nationwide for three years or more then you can receive discounts of up to 5%. Also, membership in certain organizations and vehicle upgrades such as anti-theft, airbags, and automatic restraint devices could also render you eligible to receive premium discounts. Finally, Nationwide rewards its customers with discounts on car insurance premiums for participation in accident prevention or defensive driving courses.

Additional Nationwide Car Insurance Coverage Options

Nationwide Smartride – this is an online presentation that provides teenagers with tips on smarter and safer driving. Nationwide Car Insurance offers unique services that provide innovative ways to handle your auto insurance claims with Blue Ribbon Claim Services. Nationwide requires that its repair shops undergo rigorous screening and qualification standards before they are given Blue Ribbon status. Upon selecting a Blue Ribbon repair shop to complete the repairs on your vehicle you will be able to watch your car being repaired online and even receive electronic updates on the status of your repairs. Another benefit to this product is that you will be provided a written guarantee on all repairs for the length of time you own or lease your car.

Nationwide Insurance also offers a wide variety of insurance coverage for your home, boat, motorcycle, and ATV’s. Nationwide Insurance’s innovative products and customer services gives credence to their slogan “Nationwide is on your side”.

Nationwide may be the best auto insurance company for you to choose for you coverage needs. However, be sure that you shop around and compare rate quotes from many different companies side by side before you decide to purchase a policy.

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