What Careers Can You Get With An Early Childhood Education Degree?

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The first experiences a child has in the classroom are integral to their growth as people. These experiences are not only the first time they are exposed to new lessons, but also other children. The lessons taught in preschool or elementary school provide the basis for any and all future knowledge the child obtains. With this in mind, earning your early childhood education degree ensures that your future jobs will impact a child for longer than any time he or she is in your classroom.
As an educator, there are a variety of careers available for you both in and out of the classroom. One such option is being an elementary school teacher, which usually involves teaching kindergarten to fifth grades. These grade levels allow you to work with students and teach them the beginnings of math, science, social studies, and language arts. Depending on which grade level you choose, the lessons get more complex and involved.
There is also the option of being a preschool teacher. This position also enables you to be in a classroom, but teaching skills at an even more basic and rudimentary level. Teaching children their alphabet and numbers sounds simple, but those are the lessons every future teacher will build upon. Also as a preschool teacher, you have the opportunity to work with your students on learning basics of a classroom such as sitting still, walking in line, and taking turns. Those skills are also necessary in all future aspects of life.
An early childhood education degree can also enable you to have a career as a childcare worker. In short, this would involve working in a daycare. Although you may teach children tangible lessons here, you would certainly have the opportunity to teach them life lessons. Getting along with others, sharing, and social interaction are no less important than learning how to spell or count.
If you don’t wish to work in a classroom, your degree can take you on a path to become an administrator. Becoming a principal or overseeing a daycare gives you a chance to interact with children, but not be confined to one specific room. It would also give you the chance to ensure the standards of the school are met and enforce the rules and regulations necessary to make sure all students get the proper education. As an administrator, you will make certain that your students are on par with those in other schools, therefore ensuring they have a viable chance at future opportunities.
Whether you already have a degree, are looking to earn your early childhood education degree online or in a brick and mortar school, or just want a change in work, having a career in education allows you to know your job makes a difference. There is no shortage of opportunities nor is there job uncertainty because as long as there are children, there will be a need for educators.

University Early Childhood Education Degree

Western Governor’s University Early Childhood Education Degree

Western Governor’s University is a top online college that can help you earn your early childhood degree online and prepare you to be an essential part of children’s lives and their education. A degree in this program will teach you the knowledge you need to teach children effectively and to become a certified instructor who is ready to work with babies, toddlers, and young children from birth to third grade. This is an excellent choice degree for those who love and adore children and want to spend time teaching them basic knowledge or those who are unlicensed child care workers or substitute teachers who feel that they would love to start teaching.
The coursework involved in this degree include areas such as liberal arts, foundations, teaching practices, and early childhood education as well. This program is about 120 credits for a bachelor’s degree and will give you the competitive edge you need to excel and find employment. If you have a passion for young children and want to be a hugely important part of their lives, this degree could be a perfect choice for you. According to the BLS in 2004, they have reported that these professionals with a degree have earned an average income of $35,000, while elementary school principals have earned about $74,000 yearly. The advantage for these teachers is that they have the chance to make an extensive income by coaching a sport or any extracurricular activity. Also, teachers have two months off every year during the summer and can work part time while they are not in school as well.
Western Governor’s University bases your progress on completing assessments rather than the amount of credit hours you took, ensuring you get the best education and experience you can from an online college. You will be asked to study, take tests, and prove your skills to them. WGU will also have you complete a 12-20 week session of full time teaching in an actual classroom to make sure you get the hands on and real time experience needed to succeed in your career. They allow you to choose when and where you study, making them a convenient and excellent choice.
Feel free to request more information on Western Governor’s University’s early education degree and get started towards an exciting career now.

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