Online Degree in Psychology – Discovering the Art of Making a Difference in the Life of Others

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Are you thinking about pursuing an online degree in psychology to earn a more rewarding fulfilling life? Do you want to help people suffering from mental illness? If so then there are a few things you need to be aware of before embarking on a course of this kind.

Online Degree in Psychology

Requirements of a Psychology Course

No matter what level of psychology you are going to study, a degree course will involve a period of supervised internship. This means that not all of the course will be spent studying online, and some of it will be in a real environment practising psychology under supervision.

A BA or BS degree course, when studied on campus takes around four years to complete. Online study can speed this up somewhat should more hours than on campus study are put in.

For a Masters or Doctoral online degree in psychology, a total of seven years of study maybe required. In order to work as a clinical psychologist, most states in the USA require a Doctoral degree (PHD), before Clinical Psychologist licensure exams can be undertaken, to allow practise in the profession.

Masters degrees are studied as both terminal, where the student’s study prepare them for certain areas of employment, and non terminal, where the studies are part of their Doctorial degree program.

Depending on your career choice, additional course specific to the industry may have to be undertaken to gain entry into that career.

Careers in Psychology

An online degree in psychology is not all about working in the clinical side of the profession. There are other options as well:

School Psychology – Psychologists in this arena work with individual students and groups of students who have behavioural and academic difficulties, as well as with teachers and parents to address certain needs. Levels of degree to work in this field is typically requires a masters degree, but this can vary from state to state with some states requiring a PHD. Salary on average is around $57000 per year.

Sports Psychology – Here, psychologists work with athletes to motivate and improve their performance, as well as educate the athlete on psychology issues they may need to be aware of. It is rare but not unknown for a bachelor degree graduate to be taken on at entry level in this field. Masters degree and more over a PHD is often required by many organisations to gain entry into this side of the psychology profession. Salary range is approximately $47000 to $71000.

Online College Degree Psychology

The world of online college degrees is one that has gained a lot of momentum in the past few years. This is due to the fact that often time’s people are way to busy to attend a regular college and try to better them. The online college degree in psychology is one of the more popular degrees that are sought out every year.

This is considered to be a growing career field that will in the next few years see a massive growth. As a result more online colleges are making the effort to offer this degree in their program. While this degree does require a lot more work and takes a little longer, in the end it can be a very rewarding career.

There is nothing wrong with having this degree from an online college, many of the better people in this field, have a degree from an online school and as a result tend to be one of the best at what they do. This is often a degree that a person will pursue in order to increase their earning potential. They see this career field as being more profitable than the current job that they are in.

Some people may be a little scared to make a move like this as they are afraid that there will not be a place for them in this field. The facts are that there are several different types of jobs that are able to be obtained when a person has received their degree in this field. If they are unable to find a job in the private sector, then there is always the opportunity that they can open their own practice and go into business for them as a result.

The business side of an online college degree in psychology is one that can afford a person the chance to make a sizable amount of money as a result of the opportunities that are placed in front of them. This line of work is one that will take a little time to get into, but in the end it is one that will afford a person the chance to get ahead in a field that can make a decent amount of money.

The reward that a person will experience with this line of work goes beyond the amount of money that they make. There are personal rewards that are just as important as the ones that lead a person to make the decision to head into this line of work.
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