Psychology School Accreditation for Online Education

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Psychology school accreditation is one of the most important things to consider if you’re going to get your degree online because unfortunately there are some scammers out there who will take your money and send you through an educational program that is useless in the end.
Only degrees that come from APA accredited schools will impress employers or transfer to other institutions of higher learning. Accreditation is important regardless of whether you’re studying psychology online or at a traditional campus, but if you choose to study online you will need to be more diligent to be sure the program you choose is really worth the time and money.
People choose to get their degrees online rather than attending a traditional campus-based university for many reasons, and it’s no different for psychology majors. Some students are physically disabled and unable make it to classes at a traditional university.
Other students have day jobs they can’t quit while they’re in school and can’t take every course they need at night time. Online schools allow students to complete their coursework any time of day or night, including weekends, and many of them are more flexible in when you complete each semester.
Online schools are also great for people who already have psychology degrees and are working in the field but want to move into more advanced positions. An accredited online psychology program can allow you to reach your goals while you keep working in your current position.
Any psychology school or program worth considering will be accredited by the APA, or American Psychology Association. According to, “The APA Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation supports the APA Commission on Accreditation in carrying out its responsibilities as the nationally recognized accrediting body for education and training programs in professional psychology.” They are the be-all-end-all when it comes to psychology school accreditation.
If you attend a school that has not been accredited, a potential employer may scoff at your education. And if your undergraduate coursework comes from an unaccredited institution you may not be eligible to pursue a graduate program in psychology at an accredited school in the future.

Psychology School Accreditation

Online Psychology Colleges Vs Traditional Psychology Schools

Which Mode of Learning Would you Choose for Higher Education in Psychology

Education in psychology has been rapidly developing over the years and today there are thousands of people in the US pursuing higher education in it through different psychology colleges. These people in turn have the option to either complete their psychology degree through online learning methods or else through regular on-campus learning.
In this article we will take a look at the pros and cons met in both these formats of learning. You will see how both these modes of learning have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Method of Delivery

The method of delivery at accredited online psychology colleges is usually carried out through video conferencing, mails and audio clips. Students are not able to meet face to face with instructors but collaborate with them through these means. All the assignments and coursework are also offered and completed online.
All traditional psychology colleges have a regular campus based education system. Students have to make campus trips regularly and attend all the classes connected with their psychology program. They have direct interaction with faculty members and also are open to other facilities which are offered by the university.

Cost of Tuition

The cost of tuition is usually high at traditional psychology colleges’ on the contrary online psychology schools are quite affordable. Most students usually find it difficult to finance themselves at traditional psychology schools because of the high pricing.

Course Work

Traditional and online psychology colleges & universities both follow mainly the same coursework. This is usually because educational boards have a certain criteria which schools have to follow and the necessary coursework needs to be followed. One advantage which online institutes have here is that they offer students accelerate courses.

Convenience & Flexibility

In the fast paced and developing world we live in today students want to get the most convenience with their higher education. This is one of the major blows which traditional psychology colleges face as they require students to follow a strict schedule fixed by them. Online psychology schools allow students to study from anywhere anyplace and also offer them the option to schedule their own classes.


Both these formats of learning are popular among people who seek education in psychology. Though all these points discussed above are beneficial the final decision lies in the hands of the person interested in seeking education in this field of study.

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