Top Online Universities For Military Veterans – Which One is Right For You?

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Though there are a number of online colleges and universities that specialize in military-friendly programs, there are certain factors to be considered to classify them as one of the top online universities for military veterans. 
To be one of the best, a military-friendly university should support the CLEP policy. As per this policy students are provided partial credits based on certain undergraduate examinations and also credits for the students military experience. 
Best universities should also be accredited and should accept and offer various scholarships, financial support and tuition costs.
It has been proven through many studies and researches that military-friendly online colleges and universities provide the much needed support and help for veterans to make a smooth transition to a civilian life. 
Joining one of the top online military-friendly universities will help to hone their educational stock and build their confidence. Most online universities for military veterans offer several degree programs in different areas of study from which veterans can make a choice that best suits to their area of interests.
The experience that they gain in one of these online programs will help to prepare them to excel in a job of their particular field of interest.

Top Online Universities For Military Veterans

Following is a list of some of the top online universities for military veterans

1. American Military University 

AMU was established by a former military officer and specializes in offering degree programs that are best suited for military veterans. 
Their program schedules are flexible such that veterans can complete their chosen programs at their own pace. Their tuition fees are affordable and concur with a number of veterans benefit programs.

2. Norwich University 

Their programs are designed to make a veterans transition from military to civilian life as smooth as possible. It is also one of the first colleges to be established for military veterans. 
They offer a number of online degree programs for veterans including engineering, justice, business, diplomacy, nursing, military history and more. At Norwich military veterans can be assured that their military experience will be recognized and used effectively to enhance their chosen program.

3. AIU Online 

AIU Online allows veterans to pursue their degree programs in their own pace. Their online degree programs are highly flexible and include visual communication, business administration and information technology. AIU Online also supports many veteran education assistance programs.

4. Saint Leo University

The GI Jobs Magazine has recognized Saint Leo University as one of the Top Military Friendly Schools of 2010. They are known for their quality academic programs and for their recognition of the experience of military veterans. They also offer campus education and support the post 9/11 GI Bills Yellow Ribbon Program.

5. Liberty University 

One of the top online universities for military veterans, Liberty offers numerous benefits not only to military veterans but also to other military personnel who are looking for quality educational programs to achieve their goals. Heroes Fund Scholarship, Tuition Assistance and Military tuition discount are just a few of the benefits offered by Liberty University.

6. Colorado Tech Online 

The Department of Military Education of the Colorado Tech Online offers several online programs for military veterans who are looking for quality education to achieve their professional goals as civilians.
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